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The internet was supposed to save the music industry. Instead, it destroyed it. Will blockchain be any different? Getting record royalties to the artists who deserve them has been a contentious issue for the entire history ethereum blockchain technology and music recorded music. All of the talk about Spotify made me wonder: What options are available right now for artists in the field of blockchain distribution? Most importantly, are artists making money through these platforms? Blockchain music distribution platforms enable artists to make money without middlemen taking a cut.

They also facilitate ad-free monetization models, which ethereum blockchain technology and music a HUGE development in the music industry. With that said, I was able to uncover four different blockchain distribution platforms worth keeping an eye on. These are all places where you can, or will be able to, distribute your music online.

Each one has a cryptocurrency component, ranging from bitcoin integration to altcoin systems. Paying ethereum blockchain technology and music to these four companies will keep you on the cutting edge of music distribution. He had a clear grasp on the complex issues at hand, offering a simple solution: A new media filetype built around VR.

VR rigs are still expensive, unlikely to bridge the gap to the mass market anytime in the next few years. With all that said, I was delighted to see that the DotBC project has moved forward since It is making a real impact thanks to its partnerships with Songtrust, CDBaby, and several other digital distributors. The core of the DotBC project is a music data registry. When finished, the registry will serve as a comprehensive database of all song copyright ownership information.

This will serve as a public database on the blockchain that all other apps can reference. Not only would this be fairer than the current system, it would make instant payments possible on a per-stream basis. This was one of the first companies to distribute music to the Ethereum blockchain.

Fans paid for songs on the UjoMusic website, after which those payments were immediately distributed to the rights-holders. This appeared to be a successful use case for UjoMusic and led to some other media attention https: The ethereum blockchain technology and music was in alpha at that time. Now, one and a half years later, there is no public beta.

UjoMusic is poised to start serving artists, many of whom are eager to tap into the power of blockchain. However, they seem to be taking a slow approach to the situation. If you want to keep up with UjoMusic, they have a mailing list signup form over here: They have some interesting stuff going on. It features videos, books, and any other files such as a. The token used is LBC, which is available through most major exchanges. Hosting is handled in a BitTorrent-style manner. Users can earn fractional amounts of LBC by seeding the network with their downloaded content.

LBRY ethereum blockchain technology and music currently in semi-open beta. Creators can visit the LBRY slack channel https: The prices are set on a per-video basis, with no fee for uploading.

This has big promise for artists with a lot of music videos. LBRY has a mailing list for updates. You can sign up here: It has no effect on your LBRY signup.

BitTunes launched in as what may have been the first Bitcoin-related music startup. The company operates an Android app which is similar to the iTunes store, except decentralized. The users who buy songs then seed the network for future downloads.

All payments are displayed in USD, but the underlying transactions take place via bitcoin. This is too bold of a pricing strategy in my book. A good blockchain solution should give a larger percent to the creator. The app is available on Android and the company is very active on Twitter, which is a good sign.

Beyond that, there have been no updates posted to the website since Hopefully there will be a more widely accessible, consumer-friendly distribution option available before the end of the year.

I send it to your inbox twice a month, so you can enjoy my stuff whenever it is convenient for you. Great stuff heymattsokol The music industry has been changing drastically. I believe will be the dominant rise of the independent artist. Glad you liked ethereum blockchain technology and music article, keep eyes out for a edition at some point in the next month.

There are new opportunities popping up every day. Hopefully together we can sort through the crap to find the good ones. I hope to put up some teaching content for independent artists on Steemit. Ethereum blockchain technology and music doing music reviews on Dtube and Steemit.

Making original music related content, hoping to support good independent artists in the future. Someone, in a garage somewhere, is coding the solution to this. It will be open sourced, peer to peer, and with a slick user interface.

It will change the world. It will make existing delivery platforms obsolete. A very interesting space -- wonder if there will be major developments in ? I hope to see some Steem-based music stores opening soon. Ethereum blockchain technology and music Bandcamp took Steem I'd be buying even more music than I do already. You are right on, if we could spend Steem or other cryptocurrencies on sites like Bandcamp it would be a huge game changer.

If things keep growing, it'll happen. Might take a few years, but I think we'll be seeing more ethereum blockchain technology and music more Ethereum integrations this year - maybe steem is next. With the increasing dominace of cryptocurrecy, it is only a ethereum blockchain technology and music of time before blockchain muscin distibution become sthe norm. Blockchain Music Distribution in Four Platforms To Watch.

With no further ado, here are four blockchain music distribution platforms to watch in I had an interesting conversation with the company via twitter: Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post. This is most interesting info, thank you heymattsokol. Thank you very much! There will be and Im hoping to write a update soon: Id also check out MusicCoin, they've been more popular recently.

Musicoin has by far been ethereum blockchain technology and music most successful platform to date on ethereum blockchain technology and music blockchain. Bittunes is a very interesting application.

I am its participant.

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VOISE is a blockchain powered anonymous decentralized platform with personalized token based on Ethereum's smart contract ecosystem for transactions. VOISE is an innovative cryptocurrency powered solution for the music industry that allows artists to monetize their work in a collaborative P2P marketplace.

They can set a price for their works, provide free sample tracks and seek support from music enthusiasts and users on the platform. We have included all attractive and modern features in the app. Art is priceless, and artists precious. Music knows no boundaries. Launch our ambitious roadmap. These tokens, built around Ethereum smart contract technology is the primary medium of value exchange over the VOISE music ecosystem.

Bit-Z is an online exchange created in which is a global digital currency exchange platform. Voise has the potential to be a really great platform for artists. Being able to have full control over the music and a direct line to see who's purchasing will allow for musicians to have better transparency which will help with promotions, marketing etc.

VOISE is on the verge of solving a real problem faced by many indie musicians and aspiring artists. By offering a platform with an opportunity to monetize the tracks, it is providing them with an option other than SoundCloud where they can make themselves heard, and also earn in the process. We're building the mobile apps of our decentralized music platform. App Features We have included all attractive and modern features in the app.

Users sees relevant music The platform recommends relevant content to that particular user. Roadmap Launch our ambitious roadmap. How holders can take profit? Cryptopia is a powerful online global multi-currency exchange platform. HitBTC - reputed global trading platform with multi-currency support, operating since Where can I buy voise?

The voise team is in touch with other exchanges so the options to get voise tokens will grow. What artists are involved? We colaborate with many artists and producers you can read some quotes about the platform by our colaborating artists. We're always in contact with people of the music industry. Why Voise is better?

In comparison to its competitors voise have some features that make this platforms stand out. Some of the most noticeable ones are the decentralized hosting, the full revenue the artists receive for their sales, the usage of cryptocurrency and the openness the platform offers. How much does it cost to listen? The price is decided by the artist who receives it directly without intermediaries or fees. Should I pay for every song or can use subscription?

Currently the platform is not finished and only supports the sale of music and not subscription service but many other options are yet to come after the platform release. Download Voise App Available soon We're building the mobile apps of our decentralized music platform. Coming Soon Coming Soon. Jayanand Sagar Professional Advisor. Michael Stollaire Professional Advisor.