Fintech Firm Revolut Raises $250 Million, Adds BCH And XRP to Its Crypto Service.

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Free to sign up! You should do your own research on each cryptocurrency and make your own conclusions and decisions for investment. Invest at your own risk, only invest what you are willing to lose. This channel and its videos are just for educational purposes and NOT investment or financial advice. Coinbase is just about done for.

Coinbase missed the boat and they're bogged down with lawsuits anyway. Hi Tony, good video! Are you planning revolut raises $250 million adds bitcoin cash bch and xrp make videos about privacy-oriented coins like Zcash, Monero or DeepOnion? I agree that privacy coins, along with infrastructure projects, will continue to do well this year. You are very right!

Now we have seen a high tendency to privacy, especially those coins that are very anonymous, the case of DeepOnion has sounded a lot there, some speak of a great ATH according to their chart. Will it be may that we see the full speed bull run? Are you only looking at the CMC top coins for investments? I prefer to accumulate lower cap high potential alts that haven't pumped yet coming out of this dip.

Substratum, DeepOnion, Sonm, Icon, etc. I hope they do, Coinbase is Killing me with their super high fricking fees. Scam area until government regulate. I don't like the fact that you tie Ripple's surge with other coins. Ripple should sky revolut raises $250 million adds bitcoin cash bch and xrp non the less. Coinbase will list Xrp, they are smart.

I am guessing they want to make sure their platform can handle the traffic before proceeding. Coinbase is the Devil that just takes your money with the worst customer service ever still waiting for a response from them, I think most of their profits come from the people who lost money in sending it to them. And this will accelerate if enough people demand the same thing.

Revolut raises $250 million adds bitcoin cash bch and xrp, do you have any suggestions about these banks that don't want to accept our withdrawal money from crypto sales? In fact, several are shutting down the accounts of customers that so mess with crypto. What banks in the US can we turn to that will accept our money and how can we cash out in such a way as to get them to take our money. If so, how much should we do at a time so it doesn't take forever?

Please provide some help here. Or, do they have to accept a deposit that is coming in through ACH no matter what? Thank you for another great segment. I personally recognize the man hours which go into the production of a min segment. All the research revolut raises $250 million adds bitcoin cash bch and xrp cross checking of content to deliver factual and on point news. I don't think coinbase will be adding XRP. There's too much left up to interpretation currently with regards to regulation and where exactly ripple falls.

If it makes it to a penny or maybe even 10 cents or more, I will be ecstatic. But I am interested in his opinion. I don't know if you've done this video before, but what are your thoughts on EOS? Its literally tripled in value in the last 2 weeks. Well done tony, keep doing your thing, help with some btc or nano or stellar, when you consent I'll send my address bro, big up man. Crypto Bull Run in May? It was supposed to kill Coinbase with no fees.

And sbi vc to wake up!! Tim Jong soon will come and have a go at you again lol. Mind giving me your thoughts on EOS Bro?

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